Photos from the 2003 Awards Banquet and Croquet Party at Abigail's

(photos courtesy of Casey Creamer)

The usual suspects gather for the awards, and the food.

The suspense mounts as the crowd prepares for the feasting and festivities.

The trophies. Ah, yes. (Oh, and the door prizes...)

Club Prez Franklin diplays one of the Certificates o' Thanks to be given to each of the lakeside establishments that hosted CNYIRA this season.

Al Adkins waves something orange in the general direction of Randy Zimmer's head.

Club Social Event Photographer Extraordinaire Creamer snaps a self-portrait after receiving the "Flying Fingers E-Mailer of the Year" award.

Pete Deierlein snags "wood".

Al Adkins is awarded one of the "Unsung Worker Hero of the Year" awards. The other goes to Tim O'Brien.

A Conehead is spotted among the crowd.

In recognition of long and faithful service at the registration table, Pete Deierlein receives the "Registrar of the Century" award.

Rex hands out door prizes. Shown is the coveted SAAB factory sound system prize.

In this club, "door" prizes turns out to be interpreted somewhat literally.

Rex Franklin is recognized as the best Ice Racing Club President we've had all year.

One of the coveted CNYIRA trophies goes to Jef Franklin

Jef Franklin gets one of the snow plowing recognition awards, for snow plowing (and cone hauling) above and beyond the call of duty, and immediately starts planning revenge.

Nick Julian is awarded Worker of the Year, for repeatedly standing near the ice racing track, where mere mortals fear to tread.

Bill Lass bags a trophy for his exploits in the Street Legal class.

Class D "hot" shoe Mike Mollura.

Rex Franklin (no relation) receives the other snow plowing recognition award.

Gary Thomas snags a trophy.

Carl Van Kesteren takes home the Club Championship. Others weep, and vow that "next year will be my turn."

Randy Zimmer adds another trophy to the collection.