Photos from the races on February 17 and 18, 2001 at Oneida Lake

Many are cold, few are frozen, Oneida is windy.

We had some great racing this weekend on Oneida. The access to the lake was not great, but it worked. The lake surface was smooth, hard, and highly polished from the wind and snow. There was enough wind that the only snow on the surface was in constant motion.

The street touring class was great to watch. With all the lead changing going on, the only way to decide a winner was to decide which lap to through the checkered flag.

The Menard cars also had great racing throughout the weekend. I think I even won one of the open races.

I was real glad that I opted to travel Friday night instead of Saturday morning. Some of the ice racers from the west arrived claiming they had already had enough driving excitement for the weekend.

We will see what next weekend brings. Could be Waneta, or could be Oneida. Either way, get yourselves ready to take advantage of this year's great racing season.


Many toes are cold, few are frozen...

Nick Julian and his vintage SAAB 96 come out of retirement! (Now, does this make Nick a vintage driver, or the driver of a vintage car?)

Nick Julian leads Pete Deierlein in a Touring class race.

Nick Julian and Bill Lass make a SAAB sandwich with Honda filling.

Honda and SAAB take alternate lines in a corner.

96 vs. 900, with CRX right behind.

Nick's V4 SAAB still holds off Bill's straight-4 SAAB.

Pete tries the inside line on Bill.

The inside line must have worked...

Bill Lass does a nice slide for the camera.