Photos from the races on February 21 and 22, 2004 at Oneida Lake

Ice news: Saturday at Oneida Lake started off with light rain showers, then switched to snow showers. The surface was slushy, with a few potholes here and there.

Saturday night was below freezing, but not by much. On Sunday the slush was about the same, but the potholes were numerous. The complete set of street tire races were run before the Menard cars went out, in order to preserve the course and hopefully allow everyone more runs. The potholes were fairly nasty for the street tire cars, and then the Menard cars super-sized them. Needless to say the end of racing came early for the day.

Many thanks to John's Bayside for providing warm coffee and a warm place to register, and food and drink after the racing was done.

Photos courtesy of Al Adkins, Chris Wightman and Mike Kamm.

First things first - build the access ramp...

"Un objet d'art"

Then, park expensive plow trucks on the ice, and check if it's thick enough to hold them.
(Don't panic, this photo was taken Sunday morning - they alreay knew the ice would support them. Relax!)

Look, somone left a Scirocco by the dumpsters. Looks kind of moldy in this photo...

That Honda looks awfully new - are you sure it's Pete?

Who are these men, and why are they smiling?

The "hot" pits.

Cullen poses in the pits by his trusty steed, while a member of the Addams Family waits in the car.

Leo and Kyle Fenner pose by the world-famous Team Geneva Scirocco.

Mike Kamm's Street Legal Sentra visited from AMEC-land.

Someone earns a good driving award from the friendly folks at Start/Finish.

The street tire class blasts off the starting line.

Look! Someone brought a Porsche! See, not all Porsche drivers are wimps!
Just joking! Relax! Some of my best friends own Porsches!

The Celica of Jorge, King of the Ice.

Clifford trots by...

Jorge, King of the Ice, goes agricultural.

The Team Geneva Scirocco turns in.

Mike Kamm leads Roy Hopkins down the back straight.

Team Koko works corner 1 while street tire racers flash by.

Bill Lass enjoys 4WD in turn 1.

The Team Geneva "Secret Weapon" makes its debut after the demise of the #38 Fox.

Dave Noonen takes a turn at the wheel of the Team Geneva "Secret Weapon" .

Jim Ritter takes a turn at the wheel of the Team Geneva "Secret Weapon" .

Hey, that Scirocco wasn't moldy after all!

The Team Geneva Jetta proves that a red car gets photographed more often.

Sciroccos seemed to get photographed too!

Hey, isn't this another photo of the red Jetta?

At last, a photo of a different VW!

And another Golf - Mike Mollura's ride.

And the track started to get a little bumpy...
(Again, don't panic - this hole doesn't go all the way through. A couple inches of water on top of another foot of ice. Tooth-rattling, yes. Easy access to the bottom, no.)

After a few post-race beers, the world seems strangely out of focus...

"There I was with enemy fighters all around me...oh, that's right, we're talking about ice racing..."