Photos from the races on January 20 and 21, 2001 at Waneta Lake

The "Barney" car.

Tucker and Creamer duke it out.

Casey Creamer (47), Bob Downs (26) and Mike Mollura (81) at the finish.

Tom LeSage and Mike Mollura enjoy some close action.

Ed and Casey are still at it.

SAAB in foreground, Rabbit in background.

The "Hot" new setup in ice cars.

Puzzled onlooker in funny hat ponders how Hot Wheels will do on ice.

Casey leads the pack, followed by Nissan and VW, while Tucker dawdles along at the back as usual.

Suddenly things have changed. Tucker is harassing Franklin, while Hughes ponders the Subie's purpleness.

Still pondering...

Pondering while attempting to pass.

We don't need no stinkin' VWs!

Hey, there goes that SAAB again. Is that thing a two stroke?

More purpleness.

"Gee," thinks SAAB driver. "This Altima is incredibly wide. It is perhaps the widest Altima ever seen racing on a frozen lake."

Ice car parade. Franklin in very wide Altima leads Tucker in very plastic SAAB, while Hughes in VW hopes for colossal mistakes by other drivers to catapult him into the lead.

Suddenly the SAAB is alone again...

...and absent from this picture. The VW remains in third place, due to lack of colossal mistakes by anyone.