Photos from the races on January 31 and February 1, 2004 at Cayuta Lake (known locally as "Little Lake")

Ice news: Saturday at Cayuta Lake was overcast, with snow flurries and a fair bit of cold. There was actual ice, and the 2004 season was officially kicked off. The plan was originally to race at Sandy Pond, but that area got pounded with something like five feet of snow in two days, and a driving ban was on when the ice checkers would have tried to go (Friday morning.) So, we went south. At Cayuta, the turnout was not large, but the racers who did show had some good racin'. The snowbanks were big enough that going in meant staying in, for the most part, particularly if you were driving a rear-wheel drive sports car (but of course we won't mention the P-word.)

Sunday brought actual sun, and warmer temps. It was a pretty day to race. An added bonus was the motorcycle ice racing group that ran on an oval track adjacent to the CNYIRA road course. The usual early-season attrition meant a few Saturday cars didn't run on Sunday, but several "Sunday drivers" showed up to swell the racing ranks.

A couple of the usual suspects lurk in the paddock.

Just your average ice racing Rabbit...

...or is it?

Swapping street tires for ice tires before the fun begins.

Street Tire action on Saturday.

Pete Deierlein demonstrates a little opposite lock.

Civic passes 924.

The friendly folks at Race Control.

The 924 of Broda and Phillips passes Start/Finish.

The mighty Team Geneva #39 Fox of Jim Ritter and Chris Ritter.

Who says drifting is for rear wheel drive cars only?

The CNYIRA is an equal opportunity drifting club. RWD, FWD, snow, you name it.

A picturesque view to the west on Cayuta Lake.

A pair of Team Koko's finely-tuned race cars.

The latest tire for spec Miata is a recap!?!!

Or, if cars on ice aren't your thing, how about bikes?

The other mighty Team Geneva Fox (#38) of David Noonen and Cullen Noonen.

The mighty Team Geneva Scirocco of Leo Fenner and Dave Sharman.

The CRX of John Walsh/Kevin Dennis.

Kate Hughes behind the wheel of the family Swift.

Hey, it's that Team Geneva Scirocco again!

Chris Wightman leads the Menard pack toward Start/Finish.

Jef Franklin leads Ed Tucker through the hairpin.

Miata chased by Scirocco, chased by...

Jef closes on Kurt...

Hughes follows Tucker, who follows Franklin.

Chris Wightman gets in tight to the pylon approaching Start/Finish.

Kurt Thiel holds off the front-wheel drive hordes...

Suddenly the Scirocco is no longer behind the Miata.

The pack rounds Start/Finish again.

Jef gets by Chris also for the overall lead.

Menard cars in the pits. Chris Wightman photo.

David Noonen - #38 Fox, leading #42 Scirocco of Leo Fenner, leading, # 39 Fox of Chris Ritter.  Team Geneva finishes 1-2-3 in the Street legal class. Team Geneva/Tim Ritter photo

Fox leads Scirocco. Team Geneva/Tim Ritter photo

Another Team Geneva VW parade! Team Geneva/Tim Ritter photo

The Sentra slides again! Team Koko/Chris Wightman photo.