CNYIRA used to post a tentative schedule.
The purpose of the tentative schedule was to give an example of possible locations and dates.
Unfortunately, this was misleading because people naturally tend to think that if a schedule
is posted it means something. With the variability of the weather in central NY, that's a bit
of a stretch.

So, the actual schedule will depend on where there is ice, and when it is thick enough to support actual cars.

To be notified when and where races will be, get on the e-mail list.
Racing dates will also be posted on this website, but to be in the loop
it's best to get on the e-mail list. (See the home page for links).

Typically, each season the club starts watching ice thickness around
the first of the year. If it's been particularly cold and snowless,
races can start in mid-January, although early February has been more typical.

Snow cover on the lakes slows the ice-forming process, so the sport is very much
temperature- and weather-dependent. Once sufficient ice has formed, CNYIRA
will usually race every weekend until thawing damages the ice along the shorelines
and limits access, or warming reduces the overall thickness too much.

If you're serious about giving ice racing a try, your best bet is to be ready to go
before New Year's, and be poised and ready any time thereafter.

We'd love to provide a schedule long ahead, but that just doesn't work well.

So, stay tuned!