Central New York Ice
Racing Association Inc.

This is the official page where information can be found. It will probably be accurate,
but it's best to verify dates and places before you drive off to the lake.

"Many are cold, but few are frozen."


Update as of February 9, 2020:


This winter's weather has not been good for ice racing.
There has been so little ice on region lakes that even
AMEC, which historically has reliable ice in the southern Adirondacks,
has not held a race so far this season.

It is unlikely that any of the local lakes will form 12"
of ice this season.
This is unfortunate, particularly because the club has arranged
insurance for the season.

However, if we suddenly get a blast of arctic air, it could happen.


The best way to get up-to-date ice news is to join the Google group - see link below.

The membership form is available here: Membership form

It's not a bad idea to download it, fill it out, and join up.
Joining up does put money in the club coffers, and inch us a little bit closer to affording insurance.

Watch this site, or check out the NYIceRacers Google group
(see link below) for the latest info.

Join the NYIceRacers Google group to get the latest info

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Check out this video by Jamie DePould:

Photo essay - ice racing from Jamie De Pould on Vimeo.

The 2017 membership form
has been posted. Join up pronto!

To get the latest info on the goings-on in the central New York
ice racing world, join the Google group (see below.)

For the latest ice reports, click here for a map
showing the latest reported ice conditions at lakes where we might race.

Want to be part of CNYIRA's Google group?
Follow the link below to join, and get on the distribution
for ice racing-related e-mail, news, and such.

Or, join the Vintage Ice Racers Google group for the same
stuff with a vintage twist.

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CNYIRA conducts actual wheel-to-wheel car races on frozen lakes
in upstate New York (the Finger Lakes, Honeoye, Oneida, Sandy Pond,
or any other place that freezes in the neighborhood.)
This is road course stuff, not oval racing.
Obviously, the racing doesn't take place unless the lakes
are rather hard, and easy to drive on (frozen, actually.)
Racing starts as soon as a lake has a minimum of 12 inches
of ice on it. Racing continues until the spring thaw,
or perhaps a little bit before.

Ice racing is the best value in wheel-to-wheel racing,
in terms of dollars per seat minute. Join the club,
and run your first race weekend for less than it costs
to buy a couple cases of beer and a couple of pizzas,
which is what you'd need to find another way to have
this much fun in upstate New York in the winter.
There are classes for full-on ice racing cars, and classes for street cars.
Contact is strongly discouraged in the street classes (similar to vintage racing rules),
so that street drivers can drive home at the end of the day.

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